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    When it comes to manicures in Los Angeles, the rule of thumb (or any finger, really) is simple: the more outlandish the nails, the better. Leading the pack is Chi Nail Bar & Organic Spa, which stands out in LA for its eclectic designs and the outsized personalities of their gifted nail techs.

    But thanks to their wildly aspirational Instagram account, which has over 25,000 followers, this little local salon also has a national following among nail art fans. Every design gets photographed and posted to their Instagram daily, with some of the photos getting as many as 800 “Likes."

    “Social media has made a huge difference in the world of nail art. Even I use it as inspiration for myself,” said nail tech Chyna Stevens to the Huffington Post. “I’ve learned a lot about it just by watching YouTube videos. I spend hours on other nail technician’s Instagrams or blogs and screenshot anything I like and try to imitate it. It’s how I practice. I’m obsessed.”

    Scrolling through the salon’s Instagram is almost like entering a modernist art gallery; designs range anywhere from 3D shapes to holographic paint, and they fuel clients' requests, which are getting more outrageous by the week. Past clients have asked Chyna to draw everything from 3D spikes to real photographs of Barack Obama on every fingernail.

    “Nail art is starting to get competitive! I see tons of women trying to ‘outdo’ each other," said Chyna. "It’s crazy. Once someone wanted an extremely elaborate human heart drawn on all of their fingers.”

    And the nail techs are in on the fun; Chyna’s fingernails are currently designed to look like sparkly bumble-bees, which she designed and painted herself.

    “It’s a creative outlet for me. Plus doing my own nails is totally an advertisement," said Chyna. "People will see my personal Instagram and be like, ‘Oh! I want that!’ And there’s another customer.”

    Scroll down to see some of Chi’s latest crazy designs and be sure to check them out on Instagram or on Tumblr.









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    Shoes are an important part of most women's wardrobe; and I plead guilty to falling prey in the past to purchasing pretty shoes that were neither necessary or practical? In my youth I would wear high heel stiletto shoes to work each day, and go out at night too, not giving my poor feet a second thought. What is it that's so appealing about a high heel? Inexplicably a high heel makes a woman feel well dressed, look elegant and adds that feminine touch. Today we are well aware of the detrimental effects of wearing these striking yet damaging footwear and yet this doesn't dissuade the fairer sex from yearning to buy yet another pair, and suffer the painful consequences. How the shoe industry must love us ladies, who generally own far more shoes than we need, and in a heartbeat will fall in love with a pair that are simply calling out our name. Due to my health, I had to unfortunately stop wearing high heeled shoes long ago; I was very reluctant and sad to give away my shoes, but had to face reality, and accept the fact.

    Wearing the right footwear giving your feet proper support and comfort, whether you are healthy and about to run a marathon, or do little walking due to ill health; finding the correct shoes is important. Everyone has one foot slightly larger than the other, but did you know that if you shop for shoes in the afternoon this is when your feet are at their largest? A girlfriend took me to buy short ankle boots that I could easily slip on and off. We started out early and first thing in the morning, it didn't take me long to fall in love with a pair that felt very comfortable and I was sorely tempted to buy them on the spot, but as they were a little more than I had intended to spend, I decided to see if we could find something else. Having no success, a few days later my daughter took me to a shopping mall and we came across exactly the same boot, which I eagerly tried on again. It was the afternoon, and the identical boot that had felt so comfortable when I had tried them on in the morning hours, were now not a good fit at all. I tried several different sizes, but it made no difference - the boot was not for my shape foot. A lesson well learned!

    It may seem plainly obvious, but always ensure you take with socks you intend wearing with a shoe or boot you are about to purchase, as this can make a difference too. The most important rule of all, is if a shoe doesn't feel comfortable as you try it on, don't be bullied by an over zealous shop assistant trying to make a sale, for if any footwear isn't comfortable from the very beginning, no amount of stretching or wearing in will make it so.

    Having Parkinson's, or any illness that affects walking, footwear requirement's are more demanding. Non slip good rubber soles that safely grip, virtually no heal, and of course the ease at which you can get them on and off. Support for arches, and a fit that holds your foot securely in place. Velcro is the easiest solution, rather than fiddly buckles or laces. All these necessities admittedly make for rather staid footwear, so I have resigned myself to be content with just window shopping at those sexy high heels that I can no longer wear.

    Nothing keeps me down for long, I refuse to let anything defeat me. My greatest defence is a sense of humour and keeping young at heart. I find many people as they get older, forget how to let their hair down and have fun. Despite my failing health, I'm still playful, love to laugh and can be as silly as a goose at times.

    I had to laugh the other day, for having a "Parkinson's" moment, you require a good sense of humour. Standing in the kitchen, my husband had just arrived home and drew near for a kiss. I don't miss an opportunity, so grabbed him and gave him a bear hug. As we stood in a tight embrace, he casually asked "Is that the Parkinson's, or are you feeling a bit frisky?" Trembling in his arms I looked up into those dark brown eyes I love so much and confessed it was unfortunately just Parkinson's! Laughing he bent down and kissed me tenderly which is enough to make me go weak at the knees - so who needs fabulous high heeled shoes when I can have precious moments like this?

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    It's that time of year again, the nights are long, the temperature's dropped and the high streets are packed with shoppers. As the festive season begins a lot of people will be buying wallets and purses as presents. So, I thought this would be a good time to pass on a few tips on what to look for, from one of our leather craftsmen. Tim's been in the leather trade for over twenty-five years and he's made goods for the Royal Household, the Royal Courts of Justice and the House of Lords to name a few. So he knows a thing or two about craftsmanship and he says there are five things to look for when choosing a new wallet:

    The first thing to check is the quality of the leather. A lot of leather these days is sanded to remove imperfections and then coated in resin, which make it feel plastic. This is called top-grain and should be avoided. Instead, look for wallets made of full-grain leather. Full-grain has not been "corrected" making it stronger and more durable. Most important of all, it has more character because you can see each pore and crease that makes the leather unique.

    Next you should look at how the wallet is made. There are two main types of wallet construction: Turned or Cut edge. Cut Edge is where the leather is cut and stitched together leaving the raw edge visible. The edge is usually coated in black resin but will eventually degrade and deteriorate. Turned Edge is where the edge of the leather is thinned and then turned before being stitched in place. It takes longer to make a wallet like this and when made by expert craftsmen will last for many years. In short, always buy a quality Turned Edge wallet.

    The Turnover
    It's important to check the craftsmanship that's gone in to making a wallet. A good test is the width of the turnover and position of the stitching. A well-crafted wallet should have a narrow turnover with the stitching positioned centrally. A poorly crafted wallet will have a wider turnover, allowing a greater margin of error, and often crooked stitching. In addition, the leather should have been thinned before being turned, meaning there shouldn't be a lip when you run your thumb across the turned edge.

    Pleated Corners
    The corners are another key test of craftsmanship. When properly crafted they are thinned down, pleated in to a rounded corner and then stitched in place. No cuts are made to the leather as it weakens the wallet as a whole. Any wallet with right-angled corners is a sure sign of poor craftsmanship. If you can see a diagonal cut then the wallet has been made on the cheap.

    Lastly, any quality wallet should have creases made by a hot iron alongside the turned edge stitching, on the credit card slots and the note dividers. It is purely aesthetic and accentuates the clean lines of the wallet, but it's the kind of attention to detail usually missed or poorly executed on a badly crafted wallet.

    As you can see, there's more to choosing a quality wallet than meets the eye. Equipped with these tips you'll be able to shop with confidence knowing you can tell the wheat from the chaff. So, wrap up warm and brace yourself for the crowded high street, safe in the knowledge that this will be a present they'll enjoy for years to come.

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    It was Abby Kron's big green eyes that caught our attention. And her extra long lashes. And her perfectly shaped brows. Okay, there were many things about Miss Kron that stopped us in our tracks while we were out and about in Washington Square earlier this week. The student/writer/marketing assistant clearly had a few beauty tricks up her sleeve, and we were desperate to find them out.

    Unfortunately, it turns out that skin this beautiful doesn't come cheap. To achieve her luminescent complexion, Kron relies on YSL foundation and Nars blush. And her mile-long eyelashes are courtesy of Chanel mascara. Though the price tags on these products are hefty, the results are stunning.

    As for her rich brown strands, the young beauty uses Bumble and Bumble shampoo and a straightener. "This is my natural wave," she told us. "I just clean them up a bit with a flat iron." Though it might take her a while to achieve those beachy waves, they look pretty effortless to us.


    Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

    Want more HuffPost Style beauty content? Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. (For everything else check out our main HuffPost Style Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram @HuffPostStyle.)
    Do you have a beauty story idea or tip? Email us at (PR pitches sent to this address will be ignored.)

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    Okay, so there is a lot of pressure to go out on Black Friday. And we totally get it: There are deals to be had and money to be saved. But there is also a strong case to be made for staying home, eating raw cookie dough and (re)watching "Elf."

    So, to all the ladies (and gents) out there who are foregoing Black Friday shopping in favor of other low key post-Thanksgiving activities, we applaud (and totally get) you.

    Here are 11 reasons you shouldn't feel bad about skipping the mall this Friday.

    You need the sleep -- tryptophan hangover, anyone?

    And you're probably bloated so things won't fit properly.

    <br />
These sweatpants are all that fits me right now.<br />
Mean Girls <br />

    Parking will be a nightmare.

    If you stay home, you definitely won't get trampled.


    Black Friday sales drastically increase the chances of you getting separated from friends and family.

    I'm Lost... | via Tumblr

    You're probably going to buy things you don't need or want, just because they're on sale.

    Bacon on Sale

    Two words: public bathrooms.

    Oh, and those changing room lines are sure to be a nightmare.

    If you're staying at your parents' for the holidays, you'll have to schlep all your new purchases back in an overstuffed suitcase.


    You'll most likely cut into a great deal of your savings, leaving little money for your December holiday shopping.

    kristen wiig help me Im poor gif Bridesmaids drunk Imgur

    But most importantly, you can still get great deals, all from the comfort of your home, on Cyber Monday.

    These sites will probably have great Cyber Monday sales:

    Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram at @HuffPostStyle.

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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today is the day where you can stay home, hang out with loved ones and eat as much as you'd like.

    Here at HuffPost Style, we take Thanksgiving dinner very seriously. We want to maximize our food intake, and the best way to ensure that we can have pie and cake, is to wear a Lycra-centric ensemble. To ensure you are properly dressed for your turkey feast, we've come up with a few outfits that will keep you comfortable during and after dinner. Remember folks, Spanx are the enemy and an empire waist is your friend.

    A sweater dress isn't too tight around the waist, it's cozy and insanely comfortable. That's winning all around.


    ACNE 'Wham' Sweater Dress, $393; Sel Tights, $14; Kurt Geiger Vesper, $425; Glitterrings Ring, Oxidized Brass Thick Cross Ring, $24 .

    A cape will hide everything that needs to be hidden, while also doubling as a warm blanket you can snuggle up in after you've eaten way too many carbs.


    Happy Socks, $12; RA-RE Cape, $85; Black Reform Molly Jeggings, $68; Joanna Pybus Liquorice Monster Clutch Bag, $105; Zara Wide Heel Ankle Boot, $99.

    Yoga pants = Turkey pants.


    Ebin Scarf, $36; Zara Jacquard Sweater, $79; Forever21 Colorblocked Fit & Flare Yoga Pants, $15; Nike Free 5.0+ Shield, $115 .

    What could be more foolproof than wearing overalls on Thanksgiving? You can easily stuff a few extra dinner rolls into one of the many pockets.


    Ann Taylor Leiah Leopard Print Ballet Flats, $49; Petit Bateau X Kitsune Caroline t-shirt, $108; Current/Elliott Ranch Hand Denim Overalls, $368; 'Bijou' Gold Tone Chain Choker, $75.

    The bigger the flannel shirt, the more you can muffin top out of your jeans.


    href="" target="_hplink">Pull & Bear Basic Jeggings, $34; AE Real Soft Heritage Plaid Shirt, $42; Warehouse Oversized Beanie Hat, $14; H&M Brogue Boots, $29.

    Don't worry, you got this.

    But after all this, it might just be easier to stay in our jammies all day:

    Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram at @HuffPostStyle.

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    For some reason, Gwyneth Paltrow gets a lot of flak for being, well, Gwyneth Paltrow.

    But the actress is standing up for herself in a new interview, admitting that she doesn't care what people have to say about her.

    "This is the thing, it's like the older I get, I realize it doesn't matter what people who don't know you think. It doesn't matter. You're wasting your energy," Paltrow, 41, tells the British magazine Red. "It's like, if your partner comes to you -- or your best friend -- and says, 'Listen, I want to talk about something you did that hurt me, or I think you could improve,' sit down and listen to what they have to say. But some friend of so-and-sos -- it's like, who gives a s--t?"

    Paltrow's famous mother Blythe Danner also chimed in on her daughter's haters, saying the criticism "doesn't faze her."

    "I admire her so much. It doesn't faze her. I think it probably did initially," Danner tells Naughty But Nice Rob. "She said, ‘Mom, I'm going to get this all my life. This is how they see me.'"

    "I feel she's just extraordinarily accomplished in every area and people don't like that, some people don't like that," Danner adds. "I mean I don't read any of it, I just find it so disgusting. There is a coarsening of our culture today that is just so tragic."

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    Who doesn't love a personalized present or something no one else has that is completely customized for you? No one -- which is why we searched for some of the best one-of-a-kind products around.

    And we're not just talking about those cheesy mugs with your kids faces on them. From design-your-own shoes to a luxe fragrance kit, this list of gifts will be a hit.

    Here's a look at our top 9 picks -- and let us know how you put a personal spin on your holiday gifts in the comments section below.

    And here are a few more holiday gift ideas...

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    Here at HuffPost Style, we idolize our grandmothers' style. They always look put together, they know which pieces to invest in and their clothing is perpetually in pristine condition.

    So, who better to critic the best and worst dressed celebrities of the month than a few stylish seniors? HuffPost Live gathered three ladies from the post-50 crowd to discuss the recent fashions we've been seeing on the red carpet.

    Though they had some nice things to say about Natalie Portman's look, Jennifer Lawrence was dubbed a "freak show" in a sheer Dior dress. [Ed. note: We totally disagree.]

    Watch the video above to see these opinionated seniors comment on this month's best and worst dressed stars.

    Perhaps they would have preferred these looks?

    Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram at @HuffPostStyle.

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    Kate Middleton was the picture of elegance as she stepped out to attend a charity dinner in London today.

    The Duchess looked as glamorous as ever in a knee-length black dress by Temperley London and a pair of Jimmy Choo suede pumps. Her small red clutch added a little panache to her outfit, but it was her big smile that made her the center of attention.

    Unfortunately, neither Prince William nor baby George were there to see Kate as the guest of honor at SportsAid's annual ball celebrating the next generation of British athletes. Though we're dying to see more photos of the new prince, we'll take a royal sighting in any way it comes.



    kate middleton

    Does she ever get it wrong?

    Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram at @HuffPostStyle.

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    We all have gross, embarrassing beauty habits, and that's OK.

    It's one thing to do these things in the privacy of your own home, but it's quite another to subject onlookers to your unsavory, borderline obsessive nail grooming habits or your method of dry skin removal. And we have had enough. Here are the most offensive, stomach-churning beauty habits we've witnessed people do in public... that need to end now.

    #15: Biting at corner of dry lips
    For the love of god, get yourself some lip balm.

    #14: Allowing stray hairs to fall on people when combing
    It's gross enough peeling your own hairs off your sweater -- nobody wants to touch another person's dirty follicles.

    #13: Picking off crusty part of mascara
    Yet another reason to make sure you wash off your makeup from the night before.

    #12: Picking at flakey skin
    And you thought exfoliating wasn't important...

    #11: Removing eye boogers
    We get that sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do, but discretion is key.

    #10: Picking at cuticles
    Just. Leave. Them. Alone.

    #9: Picking earring crust
    If you're not responsible enough to remove this residue before you leave the house, then perhaps you're not ready for earrings.

    #8: Filing nails
    Seriously, can't it wait?

    #7: Picking ear wax
    Q-tips were invented for a reason.

    #6: Picking at face scabs
    Do you want to scar and lose friends?

    #5: Ripping nails
    There is no hangnail that must be removed so urgently that you can't wait for clippers.

    #4: Scraping tartar off teeth
    If you're brushing on the reg, this shouldn't be a problem.

    #3: Picking ingrown hairs on legs
    No. Just no.

    #2: Picking toenails
    A good rule to live by? Never touch your feet in public.

    #1: Pimple popping

    And makeup can be just as horrifying:

    Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram at @HuffPostStyle.

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    With all of the headlines about scary ingredients in your beauty products, it's nice to be able to know exactly what you're putting on your face. And what better way to ensure purity than to pluck the ingredients directly from your own kitchen?

    Natural beauty expert Katey Denno stopped by our offices to show us how to mix up an exfoliating, hydrating face mask made up of yogurt, honey and grapes... and that's it! Between the natural moisturizing effects of yogurt, the acidity of grapes and the antibacterial properties of honey, Denno's concoction might just convince you to trade in your drugstore beauty mask for a grocery store-bought regimen.

    Watch the video above to see Denno demonstrate this easy, natural face mask.

    More handy tricks:

    Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram at @HuffPostStyle.

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    We're certainly aware that we're not supermodels. This was made even more apparent by Gisele Bundchen when she posed for the December 2013 cover of Vogue Brasil showing off PJs that put our frumpy sweats to shame.

    The Giampaolo Sgura-lensed shoot features the blonde stunner in flannel, lace, gold jewelry and quite possibly the most enviable bedhead ever. "I think the theme of this photo shoot is really interesting, because it shows the glamorous side and the also the relaxed one," Bundchen said. "A woman can look powerful in a party, but when she arrives at home all she wants is to feel comfortable."

    Yah, we think it's safe to say that most people equate "comfortable" with "baggy t-shirts and college sweatpants." But it's cool, Gisele, we'll give you a free pass this time.


    Leave it to the pro...

    Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram at @HuffPostStyle.

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    With two warm, personal shots from photographers Inez & Vinoodh covering the issue and a host of family photos inside, this December's Vogue Paris transports readers straight into the world of Victoria Beckham.


    "We entrusted the editor's chair for this issue to a woman who revealed herself to be the absolute opposite of her public image while we were working together. Spontaneous and full of humor, she's modest, with a healthy dose of ambition. And like all those who are truly passionate about what they do, Victoria is a perfectionist," writes Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris in her December/January 2014 editorial.

    While Beckham has become a fashion superstar on the New York scene, she's built a global business empire, never failing to build on her success wherever life has taken her. In London she picked up 2011's Designer Brand of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards, in Los Angeles she made a home for herself and her family, and, in Paris she didn't skip a beat, following husband David Beckham as he joined football team Paris Saint Germain. Indeed David Beckham, the man with whom Victoria has shared her life for the past 14 years, was at the designer's side throughout her time at Vogue Paris, a fact that shines through on the pages of the issue and in Inez & Vinoodh's tender shots of the couple. Later in the issue, writer Marie Darrieussecq sits down with Beckham to discover what makes the woman behind all those stunning evening gowns and impeccably cut tuxedo suits tick. And, in an extended holiday invitation to Vogue Paris readers, Victoria Beckham shares Christmas memories, family photos, personal anecdotes and even some of her four children's drawings.

    So, what does a typical day look like for the designer? Vogue Paris reveals all, stepping backstage at Beckham's Spring/Summer 2014 show and following in the star's famously high-heeled footsteps to take in her favorite Paris hotspots. Come tea time, readers join Beckham and friends Valentino Garavani, Anish Kapoor and Marc Jacobs, the little bird who once advised Beckham to "be true to yourself and never scrimp on style," as they reminisce and talk fashion. And, to look at the pages of the issue which sparkle with holiday inspiration, luxury gift ideas and a little winter warmth courtesy of an exclusive look at La Madrague - Brigitte Bardot's house on the French Riviera, a corner of the country beloved by Bardot and Beckham alike - Victoria has taken Jacobs' words to heart.

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    Before I get stuck in to the annual joy of Christmas Gift Guides, here's a little rundown of the latest kicks tickling my fancy this month.


    Vans x Liberty
    Who knew there were so many cool things you could do with Liberty print? And how many different designs there are?! This collaboration collection with action sport and street wear brand, Vans, is super cute. Snap it up now to wear in the summer too as some of the more delicate florals and peacock prints used, particularly in the lower cut Authentic plimsoll styles, are too pretty to be hidden by trouser legs during the cold snap. The wonderfully Christmassy, royal blue and Ianthe print Sk8-Hi Reissue (pictured top) and Ditsy print pink Sk8-Hi Slim hi-tops (pictured bottom) are my absolute favs.
    Vans x Liberty shoe prices start at £55 and are available from and in store at Liberty


    Nike Air Max 90 SneakerBoots
    Hot on the heels of Nike's own Liberty collab, comes this drop of Air Max 90 SneakerBoots which rework the quintessential street style silhouette into an innovative, higher-height, winter-resistant, cold weather shoe. As a bonus, the added ankle height also means there's less chance of anyone being able to tell if your socks don't match when you sit down. Winner.
    Air Max 90 Sneakerboot, £115 from


    Adidas Torsion Integral
    This iconic 90s running shoe gets a tonal update in time for its new release via adidas Originals. I like how they've stayed true to the original design so this classic, collectors-fav still has a retro appeal despite the modern rework.
    Adidas Torsion Integral, £90, for stockist information, call 0870 240 420


    Saucony Originals
    I am obsessed with Saucony Originals sneakers right now, particularly the Shadow Originals designs. I was looking for the perfect grey suede shoe and found that they do so many of them, I am still deciding which ones to get. I love the modern, graphic, almost cartoon-y, styling, muddled with a hint of old school, vintage running shoes, as well as the fantastic colour ways that feel so fresh.
    Check out their full range of men's and women's trainers which are priced around the £60-70 mark, at

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    Leave it up to Michelle Obama to take our favorite winter color combo -- navy blue and black -- to another stylish level.

    The first lady and President Barack Obama sat down with Barbara Walters for their first joint TV interview this year, and Michelle wore a polka dot printed dress from Prabal Gurung's Resort 2014 collection. Gurung, a HuffPost blogger and FLOTUS favorite, has outfitted Michelle on more occasions than we can count on two hands. Naturally, the designer took to Twitter to express his excitement Friday night, as the exclusive interview aired on a special edition of “20/20.”

    Michelle's navy blue, black and pea green dress was well-coordinated with POTUS' blue tie and navy blue suit. And she even brought a bit of that color up to her eyes with a subtle green smokey eye. (Fancy, huh.)

    Thanks for the style inspiration, Michelle!

    She's one fashionable first lady:

    Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram at @HuffPostStyle.

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    Ola Ray had us shaking in our high-top sneakers with her performance as Michael Jackson's terrified girlfriend in 1983's "Thriller." (We'd act like a bunch of scaredy cats if that meant sharing the same air as the King of Pop.) But a few years before the doe-eyed beauty landed the highly-coveted music video role, she starred in a Jheri curl hair commercial.

    In the video above, we see Ray sporting the popular '80s hairstyle to promote an at-home kit called Classy Curl. Her S-shaped ringlets are shiny, bouncy and virtually drip-free unlike the Jheri curls in the film "Coming to America."

    While you won't catch us wearing Jheri curls today, we'd have to agree that this retro hairdo is "in a class by itself."

    Watch M.J.'s stylish leading ladies:

    Want more HuffPost Style beauty content? Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. (For everything else check out our main HuffPost Style Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram @HuffPostStyle.)
    Do you have a beauty story idea or tip? Email us at (PR pitches sent to this address will be ignored.)

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    Our longterm love-hate relationship with sweatpants and Uggs stems from a sad but everlasting fact: We prefer to be comfortable than stylish.

    Yes, it's true. Comfort and ease are key when getting dressed, meaning we like wearing clothes that don't limit our abilities to, say, bend down to tie our shoes or run to catch a bus. But we don't like looking like slobs, either. Hence "fake fancy," the art of looking dressed up when in fact you are super comfortable.

    How to ace the "fake fancy" thing? Here are eight of our ingenious tricks:

    Leather Leggings
    After sweatpants, leggings are basically the comfiest bottoms a girl can wear. But they're only acceptable outside the house in certain fabrics. Cue the "leather" leggings (which may or may not be some synthetic material). Wear 'em with a tee and a jacket, and you've got yourself a trendy outfit.

    leather leggings

    Collection Leather-Front Pixie Pant, J. Crew, $398; Paloma Faux Leather Leggings, Paige Denim, $249; Tough Break Leggings, Nasty Gal, $28.80.

    Head-To-Toe Black
    "Is she wearing leggings or real pants? A blouse or just a tee? A hoodie or a swingy jacket?" They won't be able to tell when every piece is black. If it worked for Johnny Cash...

    all black

    Pointelle Stitched V-Neck Sweater, LOFT, $44.50; Brewzzer Boot, Steve Madden, $129.95; Velvet Leggings, Zara, $35.90.

    They elongate the leg and add height, but they are so much easier to walk in than heels. A sweatshirt and jeggings suddenly become acceptable when paired with sky-high wedges.


    Corbyn Wedges, Jessica Simpson , $110; Dwaenia Wedges, Aldo, $110.

    Red Lipstick
    Jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers says, "I was just too lazy." Jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers and red lipstick says, "Yep, these sneakers are ironic -- this outfit is more dressed up than you even realize."


    Marvelous Moxie Lipstick, bareMinerals, $18; ColorBurst Lip Butter, Revlon , $7.49; Lipstick, NARS, $26.

    High-Heeled Boots
    With your ankle securely encased, boots are certainly more comfortable than stilettos. Plus, with boots, you can wear any cozy, garishly-patterned socks you want and no one will be the wiser.


    Rockiie Boots, Steve Madden, $250; Halifax Boots, Anthropologie, $595; Rhumba Boot, Aquatalia by Marvin K., $698.

    A Leather Jacket
    Whether it's real or "vegan," leather always looks nice. Leather looks like you tried. You can take the style factor of just about any outfit up several notches by tossing over it a leather jacket. Didn't Brando always look pulled-together?

    leather jackets

    Distressed Biker Jacket in Vegan Leather, Free People, $250.46; Maxi Flap Leather Jacket, Mango, $289.99; Kenya-AP Jacket, Aritzia, $585.

    A Statement Necklace
    Your worn-in V-neck tees won't look so ratty with a blingy necklace on top.


    Sutton Necklace, Stella & Dot, $128; Snow Queen Bib Necklace, Urban Outfitters, $32; Crystal Posy Collar, BaubleBar, $44.

    Flared Jeggings
    We realize the name of this garment sounds heinous. But hear us out. How amazing does Victoria Beckham look when she steps out in those floor-grazing, uber flared jeans that make her legs look six feet long? Amazing. Replicate that high-octane denim look in jegging form -- all the drama of a major leg-elongating flare, but with all of the comfort of leggings.


    Dark Wash Flared Jegging, Lane Bryant; Stretch Denim Flared Jegging, Free People, $35.81; Michele Flare Legging, Hale Bob, $73.99.

    More comfy pieces we swear by:

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    When it comes to the holidays, we're surrounded by our friends, family and loved ones... and an insane amount of festive food. Sometimes we need time away, a few minutes to ourselves to check our social media accounts. Admit it, we're all guilty.

    In case you were entirely engrossed in your Thanksgiving dinner or being trampled over at the Black Friday sales, we're here to provide you with everything you missed on Twitter. Sass and more sass by Chrissy Teigen, but what's new? Cats dressed as Thanksgiving, because why not? And then our mantra of the week: "Eat Pie, Drink Wine, Be Thankful." Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

    Scroll for some more tweets of the week.

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    NBA players such as Amar'e Stoudemire, Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook are well-known off the court for their flashy fashion. And thanks to Wall Street Journal style reporter Elizabeth Holmes, we now know which beauty products keep some of the league's most stylish athletes looking good while going hard in the paint.

    Holmes went deep into locker rooms, peeked inside backpacks and discovered some pretty surprising NBA baller beauty secrets.

    Los Angeles Clippers center Deandre Jordan is "always powder-fresh during the games" because he spritzes his armpits with the aerosol form of Secret deodorant. And he keeps his mane clean with "mainly pink" Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. Meanwhile, curly-haired Cleveland Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao maintains his locks with a curl amplifier by Catwalk. We're impressed!

    Knicks' Stoudemire has a pre-game grooming routine that includes slathering on Bath and Body Works Stress Relief. eucalyptus-and-spearmint-scented body lotion (That description alone makes us calm.) But Indiana Pacers' player Roy Hibbert prefers Carol's Daughter Shea Soufflé almond cookie-scented moisturizer. He told WSJ, "I put it on after the games whenever I'm ashy. It just smells really good." You gotta love a man that takes care of his skin and hair.

    Head over to the Wall Street Journal for more NBA grooming secrets.

    See who's slam-dunking into the fashion world:

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